20+ years and 10,300 jobs completed. Garage doors, openers and SPRING CHANGES. A father /son team that offers low prices and quality work. While others stuff their pockets, we refuse to rip people off. Too many out there don’t seem to remember the quote, “ What you do to the least of Mine, you do to Me”. Price for local spring changes is $160 + tax for 2 torsion springs installed or $100 for 2 extension springs installed. This includes parts and labor and a tune up on your door/s. Farther out areas are slightly higher. We weigh the door for correct spring applications and carry over 70 springs on each of our trucks. No guesswork here and only QUALITY OIL TEMPERED STEEL SPRINGS are used. Installing the correct spring/s is very critical for long spring life. Installing springs that are too light for the door and over-winding to correct the error, not only takes the life out of the spring, but causes the door to act erratically and puts more stress on the opener. Installing springs that are too “Hot” also causes related problems. We do all our own work and have no employees or sub-contractors. We are an authorized dealer for Northwest Door....http://www.nwdusa.com/ and Chamberlain-Liftmaster garage door openers. Our overhead is low and we love to save you money. May GOD bless your day.... Jim and Mike Barron